Online Dispensary Menus Boost Your Cannabis Shopping Experience

Going to a store for something specific only to get there and find it’s out of stock is a frustration everyone has experienced. It’s almost a rite of consumer passage in many industries, including cannabis, but it doesn’t have to be. With just some planning in advance, this disappointing scenario is entirely avoidable.

As with other markets, the cannabis industry is now adopting inventory display in real time as a best practice so customers can plan their dispensary visits in advance. When you can see a dispensary menu before ever going to the store, you’re simply better prepared for the purchase. You’ll save yourself and the staff time, too!

Real-time Dispensary Menus Elevate Your Experience

You may have noticed more than once that a trip to the dispensary is a time-consuming process, particularly during peak times. Product uncertainly contributes to that time drain because many people shopping don’t have any idea of what they want or what the store has to offer. The clerk has to show these uncertain customers all of their options and explain the details of each product, leaving customers who already know what they need waiting around.

However, if all of the customers looked at a menu and knew what they wanted before walking into the store, it would cut down on the waiting times overall. When customers can check an accurate, updated menu online before going to a dispensary, the waiting times naturally drop.

Dispensaries without updated, real-time menus are beginning to see a dip in sales compared to those shops that have these types of menus, and it’s not hard to see why. Customers are becoming more brand and product loyal now than ever before. When they are able to check whether their favorite product is in stock at a dispensary before they go, it takes the potential frustration and disappointment right out of the experience.

Of course, a customer could always call a dispensary for the information, but this is an unnecessary time drain for the shop’s staff and the customer who is calling. On top of that, some customers won’t even make it to the phone call part. They will check online first, and they will visit the next shop’s website if they can’t get the information they need without having to call.

Use Online Dispensary Menus to Enhance Your Experience

PotGuide is proud to offer real-time menu integration for dispensaries to help make your shopping experience more positive. As a customer, you will be able to review the entire selection of cannabis products at a dispensary online before you make the trip to one. No more wasted visits, and you’ll enjoy a shorter shopping time, too.

We work with dispensaries to ensure the online menus are accurate and updated, bringing you stock information in real time. Our reputable partners, like Glassworks and Dutchie provide seamless integration of inventory and point-of-sale information into clear, easily understood menu displays.

For your next dispensary visit, review their menu online before you head out. An accurate, updated menu will show you the price, product details and the current quantities the shop has. You’ll be able to avoid disappointment and save time by knowing whether your trip will be successful before you make it.

What to Do When Your Dispensary Doesn’t Have a Menu

If you find your favorite dispensaries don’t have a menu online, let us know and we’ll work on getting them one. Part of our focus at PotGuide is to ensure every cannabis consumer has a positive experience each time they visit a dispensary. The introduction of real-time menus is one way to achieve that goal.

Provide your favorite shops with clear feedback if you discover they don’t have a real-time menu. Ask them to work with companies such as PotGuide and Glassworks so they can offer information and an updated menu online to all of their customers. The result is a win-win situation: customers get real-time access to inventory, and the dispensary receives increased business and shorter customer wait times.

If you’ve never checked a dispensary menu before you headed out to a shop, now is the time! Discover why accurate, updated menus online are such an incredibly useful tool for cannabis consumers today.