Marijuana Dispensary SEO

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All of our cannabis marketing agency packages include:

Technical Optimization

  • Speed Testing
  • Image Optimization
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Title Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • Plugin Management
  • Code Optimization
  • Theme Design Tweaks

Authority Development

  • Link Building
  • Guest Posting
  • Online Outreach
  • List Building
  • Directories
  • Communities
  • Travel
  • Resource Requests

Local SEO

  • Citation Building
  • Citation Audits
  • Review Building
  • Review Audits
  • Googly My Business
  • Google Maps
  • Local 3 Pack
  • Local Schema

Website Management

  • SSL Verification
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Feeds and Sitemaps
  • Privacy Updates
  • Change Requests
  • Consulting
  • Monitor Reputation
  • And More

Content Publication

  • Blog Posts
  • Content Tweaks
  • Keyword Research
  • Gap Analysis
  • Power Pages
  • Content Strategy
  • Long-Tail Visibility

Influencer PR

  • Social Outreach
  • Press Releases
  • News Announcements
  • Social Promotion
  • Social Strategy

Outreach Link Building and Guest Posting in our Monthly SEO Packages

We make it our goal to attain at least 2-6(depending on your package) high-quality guest posts published on MMJ relevant blogs every 45 days and often attain many more placements each month than our goal. As to remain white-hat and prevent Google penalties it is outreach-based so in addition to identifying sites where we would receive value, we also craft content for that blog’s readership and ask for the placements. Some months we send upwards of 5-10 requests to get just 1 good-to-great mention or link.

Our Monthly Approach to Marijuana Dispensary SEO Begins with Outreach

Local Reviews

Every month we monitor our Google reviews and update the plugins if any and the hardcoded onsite schema(as the proper code Google wants to see changes often) and actual volume and quality of reviews to ensure we get as much visibility in search results both in organic search due to the stars that are displayed in search results and on Maps sue to the ranking factors associate with that involve accuracy and continual changes.

Local Citations

When it comes to local citations, NAP and brand mentions in Geo located online outlets more is not better we compare our direct and indirect related industries profiles each month to see where we can get your brand or dispensary added in a way that bolsters our cannabis SEO agency local rankings and Google trust as well as Mobile device-specific visibility.

Local Directories

Some directories are good, and others are incredibly bad. The rule of thumb for directories is being in one first before local competitors is the best and safest way to go. In this regard we add at least 1-2 directories to our list of trusted places to get listed on each month and then use samurai precision to leverage this type of link without putting ourselves in jeopardy for manipulation penalties. It’s a tricky game but sometimes these things can pay of quite well for years.

List Building

By utilizing various SEO tools we harvest data for direct competitors in your region, and other dispensaries in other cities. With this targeted link building list we attempt to get our site listed on every list, page article and resource database that we can discover that has merit. Of course, this is risky so most of the time we dismiss many list and resource posts as they are clearly not worth the effort or are potentially harmful due to low quality. We also skip those that we are a bit too late to the game as our primary competitors.

Local SEO, 3 Pack, Google Maps and Mobile

The local 3 pack and Maps optimizations were a fantastic strategy we were able to utilize for quite sometime with success. However due to too many edits by all parties involved this tactic no longer works for most industries. Or main weapon to this is researching competitor citations and trying to get our own as well as outwitting the competition with being the first to update our hard codes, schema and site architecture to take advantage of new requirements as we learn about them.

Page Titles & Meta Descriptions and pics

Page Titles

Every 1-2 months we take the for mentioned time frame and compare it to previous results. When considering your goals like “get us to the top of dispensary for me” no matter what it takes with things like search volume for other keywords that drive clicks and traffic… we reoptimize the page title of each page that either receives high impressions, large amounts of clicks or high/low CTR. This is continual and is always an important step to staying relevant, and fresh to search engines as they like to see pages increase in value from small but effective and desired “tweaks”.

Meta Descriptions

A similar tactic and strategy is utilized on the actual meta descriptions as well on a concurrent timeframe to foster higher rankings for that timeframes changes in keywords and keyword priority as well as an attempt to foster higher CTR. A higher CTR or at least a continual improving one is often and factor in webpage rankings for specific keywords.

Pictures – We continually appraise images on the site for not only the labels and descriptions but also the keyword naming conventions to ensure they match best practices. Often, we discover pictures and images that have too large of a file size and edit them to also load quicker and to have a smaller footprint as far as downloadable size.


Social Participation and Promotion on Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook

In addition to submitting posts, links, and mentions about our brand on owned properties we reach out to either geographically or topically relevant influencers with opportunities to share our pages, some great media coverage or other highly visible mentions and participation of our brand across the web and other digital media outlets.

Technical On-Site Optimization and Metas

Onsite Content Tweaks

The correct intext contextual link to a page within our site or off site can make or break months of work. If done at the correct time at the tail end of a title and meta as well as brand mention on a power site can boost us for a month or 2 by up to 60% in rakings for specific keyword. As we are appraising where we need to go each month or so and what poor tactics(mentioned below) we need to negate and improve upon we will utilize patient facing and html code “edits” to leverage a POW so-to-speak t get us a boost for a major keyword like “dispensary near me”, (your city) dispensary’ or ‘Dispensary (your city)’ …for example.

Keywords and Keyword Research/ New Keyword Visibility

We are also researching and keeping tabs on what the competition is focusing on organically as well as with paid and display advertising pursuits to look for quick wins and high value terms that we try to integrate into our site and authority development process.



Plugin Updates and Themes

Almost every plugin has not only code bloat which increases page load speed and file size of each page. This in turn drives down rankings. Most plugins are also not build for speed or even for our sites best interest. We have learned over the years how to speed up and optimize plugins to remove parasite links and mentions to the Plugin owner’s sites as well as hard core “additions” that are behind the scenes but none the less very effective and raising rankings in burst.

Unfortunately, all plugins update every month and some update weekly or bi-weekly. Wiping out these efforts so they must be checked each week and resubmitted. The same thing occurs to themes so constant monitoring and optimizing is crucial to take advantage of this little know faucet of our strategy.

Speed Tests and Optimizations

On both the sitewide and page by page bases we are continually striving to increase page loads speeds as time goes on. Not only does this lead to a better user experience but pages that take a longer time to load than competitor pages tend to rank lower. Also, many customers will abandon a site or the checkout process if the page they are on renders incorrectly or without haste. This must be monitored all the time due to updates of Plugins and Themes, content additions and 3rd party integrations like offsite hosted blogs, online ordering menus, 3rd party delivery services and the career applications assets we leverage on most websites.

Keeping up with Schema and Google best practices is something Reefferr prides itself on to keep our client a head of the pack.

Cannabis community participation

We actively monitor sites like Leafly forums, Reddit and 100s of other sites and communities for conversations where we can either add a link to a relevant page on our site about the topic or a mention to facilitate aware ness of the brand. These topics range from cannabis travel, to recreational laws and strain recommendations to name a few. Careers like budtending and those patients seeking info on edibles, cultivation and CBD/THC subjects also peak are interest and help make sure we are taking proactive steps to add your brand to the conversation

Patient Initiatives.

Whether is a cannabis rights cause or new way to ingest medical marijuana or create better concentrate purity… we stay informed in the industry nation and world wide for community participation opportunities like the above community strategy.


Travel mentions

Sometimes digital content providers centered on travel and destinations have opportunities to provide content or mentions about our brand/strains/menus or location. When we discover them we often let the publishers know of what relevant content we have that may wish to share with their readership.