Cannabis Paid Advertising Laws and Facts in the USA

Cannabis legalization in many states across the United States has opened up a vast market for entrepreneurs and businesses. However, when it comes to advertising, navigating the complex and [...]

Cannabis Advertising Statistics

Cannabis Advertising Facts 2022-2023 to 2019-2020 Social media cannabis advertising agency cannot be geared toward anyone under the age of 21 California, cannabis ads can only be displayed where [...]

Recreational Marijuana Statistics

Recreational Cannabis Statistics From 2018-2019   Despite 62% of all Americans supporting either some extent of legalization or complete legalization, marijuana remains illegal at a federal [...]

Dispensary Crime Statistics 2018-2019

Marijuana Dispensary Crime Statistics 2019 There is no correlation between dispensary locations and an increase of violent crime Crime drops on average 13% in areas with a medical marijuana [...]